Dispute resolution and enforcement

Having two codes - for EDMA and Eucomed - means there are currently two different enforcement systems.

Eucomed established an independent Compliance Panel whose mission is to provide unbiased advice and guidance on the interpretation of the Eucomed Code. The Compliance Panel has the following tasks:

  • Provide guidance on the interpretation of the Eucomed Code and the dispute resolution principles included in the Procedural Framework;
  • Handle complaints and render decisions as a first and last instance in certain cases;
  • Interact with relevant Eucomed groups to further develop the Eucomed Code and its guidance documents;
  • Oversee the Eucomed Conference Vetting System.

For EDMA, the Executive Committee has the responsibility to investigate complaints of alleged infringements of the EDMA Code of Ethics. In some cases, the dispute may be taken to a five-member independent council formed by EDMA. For more information, please see Part D of the EDMA code of Ethics.

It is anticipated that under the new MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice, there will be a unique complaint-handling system.