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Education and Training

Education and Training

As part of an effective compliance programme, medtech companies must provide comprehensive and regular compliance trainings to their employees on applicable requirements. This is why we have developed training materials to support our members and more broadly the industry, in their education and training obligations.

For MedTech Europe there are two main training options:

  • A template presentation on the MedTech Code (available upon request)
  • An online E-Learning Tool designed, with the support of The Solving Company, to support training and education on the MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice and provide training certifications.

There are three modules available in the updated E-learning Tool:

You can access the e-learning tools here.

Instructions for use:

To enter each E-Learning Tool, the user is asked to register, and can then purchase the respective course modules. The full price list is available upon registration (group discounts available).